Month: August 2019

Nurtured Plant

Jargon Buster – Lead Nurturing.

Here at YMG, we’re all about helping businesses reach new heights. The heights that hard-working business owners deserve. But sometimes, the terminology used within digital marketing can be complicated. This is why we created the Jargon Buster series. Well, that, and in the immortal words of Ray Parker Jr. “Lemme tell ya something, bustin’ makes …

Target Audience

Jargon Buster – Target Audience.

By now you likely know what the Jargon Buster series is all about. We cut out the unnecessariness and get straight down to what you want to know. So, here’s everything you need to know about Target Audiences: What is a Target Audience? There’s no hidden meaning behind the term ‘target audience’. It’s exactly as …