4 Extra Great Quotes and How They Can Help Inspire Your Business.

4 Extra Great Quotes and How They Can Help Inspire Your Business.

4 Extra Great Quotes and How They Can Help Inspire Your Business.

4 Extra Great Quotes and How They Can Help Inspire Your Business.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


Guys, this is the sixth time we’ve delved into the world of inspirational quotes. If you’re not sure how it works by now, I’m not sure what will…

Of course, we’re kidding. We’re always happy to share with you some of our favourite inspirational quotes, and explain how they can help to inspire your business. If you’ve not read 4 great quotes, 4 more, another 4, yet 4 more, a further 4, or an additional 4, we suggest doing so before continuing with this list.

Ready? Here we go!


“The Real Test Is Not Whether You Avoid This Failure, Because You Won’t. It’s Whether You Let It Harden Or Shame You into Inaction, Or Whether You Learn from It; Whether You Choose to Persevere.” — Barack Obama.

Wise words from a wise man. Former president of the United States, Barack Obama is no stranger to inspiring words. However, what he might not have realised with this quote is how well it could be used to inspire small businesses.

We’ve mentioned before how powerful a tool failure can be, as it can be argued that the response to failure is what defines a business. Some will dwell on the failure, letting it buckle and derail their business. However, others will use the failure to learn, re-build, and grow stronger. This is the type of business you need to be.

In this quote, President Obama points out that there’s no avoiding failure. This is important to note and should inspire anyone working to grow their business, as he’s completely right. There will be times where there is no avoiding failure. However, it’s how you respond and adapt to the failure that will define your business.

Ultimately, failure is not the end. Rather, what President Obama is saying in this quote is that it can be a new beginning – if you allow it to be.


“Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.” – Howard Schultz, 2x CEO of Starbucks.

You can’t turn a corner in any major city without seeing the green logo of a Starbucks. So, if you’ve been the CEO of a business like that once, you must be doing something right, let alone twice.

What the American businessman saying in this quote is to break the mould. As we’ve said more than once before, following a successful path that’s been laid out before will only lead to a small amount of success, if any. Think of this – if you start a chain of stores in which everything is £1 or less, who will be the more successful? Your business, or the ones that follow the same model, and have become a trusted household name over the years? Of course, there are more elements to this, but the principle remains the same.

Without ambition and passion, your business will never reach truly great heights. To be a success in business, you have to be willing to risk more than others have before, and dream beyond what you think is easily achievable. If you don’t, you’re doomed to a life of low-level success.


“When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse?’ That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.” — Elon Musk.

From one legend of the business world to another, this quote comes from the owner of the first private business to launch a rocket into space. If that’s not inspirational, we don’t know what is.

When you create something truly unique, you’re likely to encounter naysayers. People that are either jealous of your success or that want what you have. And, no matter your level of success, you have to expect that some people will either not like your business, your products, or both. You could end world hunger, and some people would still take a dislike to you.

Ultimately, you can’t please everyone. And you shouldn’t try to. If you stick to pleasing your target audience, listening to their feedback, and appealing to their pain points, your business will start speaking for itself. This will shush the naysayers, and they’ll soon back off.


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison, American inventor, and businessman.

A comical yet truthful quote from the father of electricity.

In business, failure of some type is to be expected. From failed marketing campaigns to failed products, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single business in the entire world that hasn’t had at least one failure. Yet, some business owners let failure get them down, and let it be a negative focal point. Well, we, alongside Thomas Edison, are here to tell you otherwise.

We’ve mentioned this before, but failure can be a powerful tool in the business world – helping you to craft and mould your business around previous failures. For example, imagine your latest product has been a failure. At this point, you have two options – dwell on the failure and let it get everybody down or learn why the product fail and improve this for your next. It really is that simple.

Dwelling on a failure hurts nobody but yourself but learning from failure can improve not only yourself but those around you.


There you have it, 4 extra great quotes, and how they can help inspire your business. For more blogs on how to enhance and inspire your business, click here. Or, if you’re looking to grow your business with the use of top-quality digital marketing services at a reasonable price, check out our Buy It Now Digital Marketing Store.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on the next one!


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