4 More Great Quotes and How They Can Inspire Your Business.

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4 More Great Quotes and How They Can Inspire Your Business.

Great quotes make for more than just a cheap tattoo on your
collarbone. When it comes to business, one quote can be all it takes to inspire
you to succeed. And sometimes they come from the most unexpected places.

So, let’s look at four more great business quotes and how they can inspire you and your business.

“Success Is Not Final, Failure Is Not Fatal: It Is the Courage to Continue
That Counts.” — Winston Churchill, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

A classic example of quality over quantity, this quote says
so much in so little. From former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston
Churchill, this quote isn’t directly related to business. But it can be used to
inspire none-the-less.

In the world of business, failure can be disheartening. But
success can also be damming. How many times have you seen a seemingly
successful business go from being cream of the crop to declaring bankruptcy
within a few years? Success is not permanent. You must work hard even when
you’re a success, or risk losing it all.

Above all, what you can take from the cigar-smoking politicians’ words is this – continuing is what counts. No matter what.

“Stop Chasing the Money and Start Chasing the Passion.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO
of Zappos.

A harsh but wise piece of advice from the online retailer’s

This quote is pretty self-explanatory. Chasing the money
will only get you so much. Please excuse me for putting a quote into the
explanation of another quote, but money can’t buy you happiness.

Chasing your passion is where the real joy of business
lives. Doing this not only ensures you’re always happy at work, but it’s quite
often where the best inspiration comes from. Rarely do the biggest successes in
business start from purely chasing money. They’re founded, created, and developed
by people with a passion for what they do. From this, inspired ideas are
created. People that are passionate about what you do will notice this,
resulting in success.

Ultimately, your consumers will usually spot a decision that has been made for money over passion a mile off. And with how quickly word spreads in the modern age, it’s best not to upset your customers for the sake of a few extra quid. So, take note of this quote, and your business will do well.

“If You Really Look Closely, Most Overnight Successes Took a Long Time.”—
Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple INC.

Every business owner dreams of an overnight success story of
their own. But how many overnight success stories really are overnight?

There are two main situations that people misinterpret as an
overnight success. The first being an early success. Founders of social media
sites for example. People often believe these are overnight successes, but in
almost every case, this couldn’t be further from the truth. They may well have
found success early in their careers, but that’s not to say that years of hard
work haven’t been committed before the point of success.

The other is when there’s a change in the market, which can
sometimes be quite drastic. It’s often a right place, right time scenario.
These businesses may well have been operating and working hard for years. Just
because they’ve had rapid growth in a short time, it doesn’t mean they’ve been
overnight successes. After all, you must be in it to win it.

So, how can this quote inspire you?

Well, the lesson to take away from this quote is that there’s no true overnight success in business. Every business that has achieved a so-called overnight success had a reason for achieving so. Whether it was by offering something unique when the market changed, or that they were active for years with no large-scale success. So, don’t be disappointed if your business doesn’t achieve large-scale overnight. As overnight successes can take a long time…

“I Find That the Harder I Work, the More Luck I Seem to Have.” — Unknown.

Although this quote often gets accredited to founding father
Thomas Jefferson, it’s unclear if he actually said this or not. But, no matter
who first spoke these words, I think every business owner owes thanks to.

Essentially, you make your own luck. Plain and simple. And
the majority of the time a business achieves success and you think ‘Wow, that’s
lucky’, it’s more than likely due to hard work.

If you work hard and maintain a positive attitude, more ‘luck’ will come your way. Because very rarely does genuine luck effect your business. But, hard work always will.

And there you have it, four more great quotes that can inspire your business. If you’re looking for more inspiration or motivation for running your business, get in touch. To read more quotes to help inspire your business, click here.


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