5 Mistakes You’re Making that are Ruining Your Online Visibility.

Online Visibility

5 Mistakes You’re Making that are Ruining Your Online Visibility.

5 Mistakes You’re Making that are Ruining Your Online Visibility.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


People make honest mistakes every day. And, for the most part, they’re harmless.

However, if you’re making certain mistakes with your business, it’ll cause your online visibility to fall. In turn, this makes your ideal audience less likely to find your website. This causes less traffic, and less business, which, is bad.

So, in the interest of increasing and enhancing your online visibility, make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes:


Copy & Pasting Content or Text.

Many business owners are tempted to copy & paste content from one website to another. After all, copying content from a high-ranking website will surely improve your online visibility, right?


This should be avoided at all costs, as this will damage your SEO, and push your website down in Google rankings. This is because search engines such as Google are getting smarter by the minute, and are able to identify plagiarism. Meaning that, not only will it recognize that your content is not original, but also that another website created it first. Therefore your website will always rank lower than the original.

This is why having a professional copywriter or copywriting service is needed for your website. If you’re looking for professional copy to help improve your online visibility, click here.

When it comes to sourcing images for your website, however, this is slightly more tricky.

There are plenty of websites available for you to source images for free, which will not harm your SEO or online visibility. Better yet, they’re royalty-free. However, many businesses still prefer to create and use their own images and graphics, which is arguably better. For more information on commissioning your own images and infographics, click here.


Having an Unoptimised Website.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a product that appeals to you, visiting the website, and the website sucks.

Broken links, non-existent pages, and an overall slow website. These are just some of the most common problems customers face when visiting websites. These problems, although they may seem small in a business owner’s eyes, are the sort of problems that will cause leads to exit the website. This will cause a high bounce rate and will have a negative effect on your website’s SEO ranking.

Having bad SEO will cause your website to drop lower in Google rankings. This causes a chain reaction, causing less traffic to your website, and damage your online visibility. Which is bad for any website.

This isn’t including mobile optimization. Which, as of 2018, occurs for around 52% of traffic to an average website. Mobile optimization is crucial for your website, as it’s becoming an increasingly important factor in a website’s success.

For help in optimizing your website, click here.

Optimising your website also includes placing content above the fold, ensuring your content is spelled and phrased correctly, and more. All of this can be fulfilled via a digital marketing agency, such as us! So, if you’re looking to provide any of these services for your business, get in contact.


Not Understanding Your Target Audience.

Understanding your target audience is vital to running a successful website. And no, we don’t mean “people who are looking for your services”. If your ideal customer is that broad a scope, you’re missing a trick.

If you understand your audience, from their spending habits to their age range, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to target them. For example, if you’re targeting 18-30-year -olds with low disposable income shopping for their first set of kitchenware, you can target keywords more specifically. You may want to hit words such as ‘cheap’ and ‘first time’, and even keyphrases like “cheap kitchenware set” or ‘first-time kitchenware’.

You can even target location keywords too, enhancing your online visibility for local searches. Which, if you’re dealing specifically with local audiences, will increase your SEO in this area.

If you choose not to be specific with your target audience, you may find your website earning a high bounce rate, due to the products and services not being exactly what the audience wants. As previously mentioned, a negative bounce rate is something you want to avoid, as it will damage your Google ranking, and have a negative effect on your SEO.


Neglecting Your Social Media.

We’ve mentioned this in several previous blogs, but we’re happy to highlight once again just how important this is.

Social media can be one of the key elements in improving your online visibility. After all, it’s one of the first places many younger people check when considering a purchase from a new company. After all, nearly 2.5 billion people have social media accounts now, and they spend 144 minutes browsing social media sites every day. This makes it likely that a potential customer will search for your business when considering making a purchase.

However, if your business has a lackluster or non-existent social media presence, you’ll fail to make an impression. Potentially failing to close a sale.

Social media also presents a great opportunity to direct leads to your website. This flow of traffic will help enhance your SEO, improving your page rank, and ultimately enhancing your online visibility. 


Never Updating Your Website.

So many business owners fall into the trap of creating a website, putting their information on there, and leaving it to stagnate. But a website is much like any other part of a business, physical or not – if you don’t look after, maintain or even update it, it’ll soon become more of a hindrance than a benefit.

The nature of the Internet is that it’s always changing. And, to be on top of your game and the competition, you need to be on the ball.

Now, we’re not saying you need to be updating your website every single day. But ensuring your website is something that’s crucial to maintaining your online visibility. And, if you’re looking to enhance this, you’ll want to be adding content every so often, too. Blogs, articles, and similar content are the best for this, as it’ll also hit any keywords and phrases you’re targeting too.

Google and similar search engines want to ensure they only show the best content for any query. Websites that are often updating and adding new content show the search engine’s that they’re still active and useful, therefore increasing the chances of this website climbing higher in Google rankings.

So, if you’re looking to improve your online visibility, you must first ensure your website is maintained and kept up to date. Second, you’ll want to consider adding blogs or other content to your website.


And there you have it, 5 mistakes you’re making that are killing your online visibility. For more useful blogs on how to improve your business online, check out our blog page.


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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