5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.


5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.

5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.


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Instagram and retail are a match made in heaven. The visual nature of the platform means retail brands can show off their products in a beautiful format. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspiration for your feeds. Looking at other accounts is a great way to inspire some creative content ideas. Below are five retail brands that have aced their Instagram game.


5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.




BoxLunch is an American brand that sells licensed Disney products. Although they use a lot of bright colours on their social media accounts, all of the shades are consistent. They predominantly use pink, purple and blue to create consistency. They also pay attention to how their feed looks, rather than just individual images. Notice how all the above images complement each other? A predominantly pink image on the pink side, predominantly blue product on the blue side. The result is a beautiful account that’s easy on the eye.




Collectif Clothing

5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.




Collectif Clothing uses a combination of their own imagery and customer images. As with Box Lunch, colour coordination is a must. Notice how the above images all have a similar shade of turquoise in them? During summer, they use yellows, greens, and reds. During winter, their colours are a lot darker and muted.  By keeping an eye on the changing seasons, Collectif can gauge the emotions of their audience and show images that their audience can relate and aspire to. They even pay attention to the weather on a daily bases and match the mood of the images to the perceived mood of their followers.

Collectif use a mixture of their own content and images sent in by customers. By using customer images, Collectif have created a community. Customers tag their own images on Instagram in the hope of being shared on Collectif page. This also allows people following the page to see how other followers look in the products sold, which often leads to high amount of interaction in the comments section. 





5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.

Target sells a range of different products. But their use of humour and use of colour pull everything together into a consistent brand. By using stop-motion animation, it shows their quirky, fun side. Like Collectif, Target also feature some user-generated content. However, Target are very selective with the customer images they chose. The user-generated content they feature matches their style and humour. This makes it hard to tell the difference between customer images and Target’s own.




100 Acre Hood

5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.

100 Acre Hood tend to use more classic-looking poses. But take a closer look and you’ll see something a bit fluffier. The fashion brand uses Disney characters and sayings, yet at the same time giving them an urban twist. Many of their grungier photos are actually taken in Disneyland. Their serious expressions are in contrast with a friendly, Disney design t-shirt. This approach is carefully measured and plays directly to their niche audience. They know their brand persona inside out.


5 Retail Brands that Nail Instagram.

Beardbrand has the balance between product promotion and lifestyle nailed. Their ratio of product to lifestyle post is almost 1:1. They often surround pictures of their product with pictures of well-groomed men. More often than not, sporting impressive beards. The brand’s entire Instagram feed screams: “If you want to look like that, you need these products”. The models, while well groomed, represent every walk of life. These men are relatable and ooze charm. The brand screams style and suggests that a well-groomed beard can be a classy feature.

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