8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Expert – Part 1.

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8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Expert – Part 1.

You may think that posting
content to your social media pages whenever you get time is enough. But this is
not the case. In some cases, it can hinder the performance of your account.

First, your content must be regular. As this may be the
first point of content between a potential customer and your business. And if
the content is not regular, it can reflect badly on your business. Although it
may not be the case for your business, it can come across as half-hearted. And
if a lead sees your business as half-hearted, they’re unlikely to convert.

Second, if your content isn’t engaging, your audience won’t
see you as a reputable figure in your industry. And if this is the case,
they’re unlikely to trust you, your products, or your services.

So, what can you do?

You can hire a social media expert, often as part of a
digital marketing agency. 

Need convincing? Here are 8 reasons your business needs a social media expert. We’ve split these 8 reasons into 2 categories; Audience and Customers.


1. Content for Your Target Audience to Engage With.

You may be able to both manage your business and post
regularly to your social media pages, but is your content engaging? If it
isn’t, members of your audience are likely to ignore your content. Making your
efforts worthless.

With a social media expert at the helm, your social media
content will engage with your target audience far more. As they will know where
to find them and what they respond better to. More engagement with your posts
will build trust and increase your chances of conversion from a lead into a

So, no more basic pictures and text posts from your account. 

2. Increase your Reach.

The beauty of targeted ads on social media pages is that you
can always find your target audience. No matter where they may be.

From age and interests to location and gender, social media
ads can be targeted to the largest or smallest of margins. Because of this, no
matter how specific or broad your target audience is, social media ads can
reach them.

The more you understand about social media ads and how they
work, the more likely you are to reach your target audience. Which, of course,
a social media expert will understand how to harness. 

To read more about understanding your target audience, [CLICK HERE] [1].

3. Help You to Understand your Audience.

Tracking your posts and engagement will give you a better
understanding of your target audience. What they react to, what they ignore,
what their interests are, and a more.

But this is can be missed if you’re not sure what you’re
looking for. 

By analysing areas such as who your adverts reach and what
content they contain, you’ll get a better understanding of your audience. From
this, you can mould and shape your future ads and campaigns to be more
effective and reach more people. 

Of course, if you’re posting any old rubbish and hoping
it’ll stick, these results won’t be accurate. Even if they are successful.
Also, if you’re not checking how your posts are doing, you’ll lose out on this

A social media expert is more likely to spot trends and interests of your target audience. They can then reuse this for more effective content, without you even having to check your accounts.

4. Build a Rapport.

With effective content and a well-managed account, your
audience will start to see you as a figurehead in your industry. This will
build trust. Trust becomes conversions, which becomes loyalty, and finally
becoming evangelists. [CLICK HERE] to read more about brand evangelists. 

Effective posts to Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site will build a rapport with your audience. A rapport between your business and your audience is critical to long-term success. This is where some businesses fail with their social media efforts. As they believe simply being present is enough to attract customers.

With trust and rapport, members of your audience are more likely to become recurring customers. They’re also more likely to recommend your business to like-minded people.

5. Targeting/Re-Targeting Ads.

With the ability to target and re-target your adverts,
social media is one of the best platforms to advertise. Yet, once again, if
you’re not familiar with how to create these, you miss out on this extremely
useful feature.

Once your online advert has been exposed to a member of your
target audience, your ad can be retargeted at them. Following them through
social media platforms, this increases the chances of engagement. 

This can be a tricky yet effective method of advertisement for your business. But managing these alongside your social media page and running a business can be a struggle. With targeting/re-targeting ads being as useful as they are, why not ensure their success by using an expert?


6. Customer Service.

By directing your audience to your social media pages, your
accounts can act as a customer service platform. 

Assuming your product or service is of the best quality,
reviews will be mostly positive. This will also entice more customers to
interact with your business and pages. 

Interacting with customers, answering questions, running
competitions and more. These are all ways to show via your social media pages
that your business is customer-friendly and approachable. Having this approach
will please your audience but can be time-consuming. It’s common that, when a
business is of a reasonable size, that someone is employed to handle this role

This interactivity and sense of community will also increase trust and loyalty to your brand or business.

7. Build an Online Presence.

Basic accounts on most social media sites are free to
create. At least the big 4 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) all
allow for free accounts as standard. Due to this, it’s a great place to focus
your efforts if you have a very basic website or none at all. 

Even if you have a top-of-the-range website, social media
pages are a great place to build an online presence. Providing your content is
engaging and interesting, you can regularly post to them with ease. Videos,
photos and more can all be posted to these sites easily and effectively. Some
of which can be indirectly related to your audience (depending on your campaign
approach). As well as this, you can interact and talk to your target audience.
Building an online presence and community.

This will serve you well as the first point of

Some people’s first experience with your business will be your social media accounts. So, it’s important to make sure they’re active, engaging, interesting and relevant. This will show newcomers that you have a strong online presence and that you can be trusted. If your social media accounts post generic industry news and ignore comments and replies, people may assume your business is not approachable.

8. Find new customers.

This is by far one of the best features of having an expert
organise your social media pages.

With the correct techniques, your social media accounts can
and will find new customers for your business. Both directly through original
content and indirectly with re-posting or sharing content. 

Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can work
well as part of a [LEAD GENERATION] campaign. Slight tweaks to the demographics
of your targeted ads can expose your business to many new customers. With a
reported number of [OVER 3 BILLION ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS] [2], social media
exists as one of the best ways for businesses to reach new customers.

But this, of course, will only be successful if both the post and your account are effective and engaging respectively.


Hopefully, this has given you some idea as to why your
social media must be maintained by an expert. But these points 8 reasons only
focus on 2 main areas. There are plenty more reasons why your business’s social
media pages and content should be handled by an expert.

Keep an eye out for 8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social
Media Expert – Part 2. Coming soon to YMG’s The Locker Room!

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