A Guide to Web Design & Web Development.

A Guide to Web Design & Web Development.

It’s difficult understanding the difference between web design and web development, right?

Wrong. Because here’s an easy to follow guide on knowing the difference.

After reading this, you won’t have any more awkward situations where you’re
contacting a web designer to perform a web development role.

Web Design.

As the name suggests, web design is almost exclusively the look and feel
of the website. Think of a web
designer as the Bob Ross of your website. Elements of web design include the
layout, creating templates for web copy, illustration and logo
design/placement. Due to this, having skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and
various other applications like these are usually needed. There are two main
areas of web design:

UX Design.

UX design is short for user experience design. UX designers
focus on making sure your website runs smoothly and as intended. Having a
website that runs as intended ensures a better user experience whilst
navigating your website. UX designers will create a guideline or prototype
website for a UI designer to work from. They will also have a good
understanding of IA (information architecture).

UI Design.

The UI design is, simply put, everything else. User
interface designing means creating the visual aspect of every web page on your
website. A UI designer must also ensure the websites look corresponds to its
intentions. Not only this, but it must also be aesthetically pleasing. Usually,
this is done by following the plans a UX designer has previously designed.

Web Development.

development consists mainly of the coding and writing markup. An easy
way to see an example of what a website developer does is to right click on any website and click
‘view page source’ or ‘view source’. The wall of text that looks like something
from The Matrix? That is the result of a web developer’s work (I know enough about what this
is to write a blog about it, but I don’t pretend to understand it). Much like web design, web development can be split
into two different categories.

Front-End Development.

Front-end development is the changing of how a website looks
via coding. This is sometimes called the ‘front’ or ‘client’ side, as it refers
to what the client or user will see and interact with. This is created by
understanding HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (cascading style sheets)
and JavaScript. By writing certain code scripts, a front-end web developer can
change various elements of your websites look. For example, changing the size,
shape, and colour of a button on a website and control where it sends the user
to when it’s clicked. Although they may not design the aesthetic of the
website, they physically code it to create the design and make it function.

Back-End Development.

When a link is clicked or a URL is entered, the browser
connects to a web server for a specific resource. The web server should then
respond with the correct resource. Ensuring this happens is the back-end
developers’ role. To do this, a web application is written by the back-end
developer. This web application extracts data from a database and translates it
into a format created by the front-end developer. It then provides it to the
browser. The data sent by the database can be written in various programming
languages. Due to this, a back-end developer must understand how each language
works. The application made by the back-end developer must also know which data
to present and which not to present. Such as in the case of a database having
stored personal information of its users.

Do I Need a Web Designer/Web Developer?

If you’re looking to have a well-made and fully functioning
website for your business, be prepared to hire both a web designer and web developer. Web designing and web development are, as we’ve established, two
different ball games. So, when hiring a freelance expert, don’t be surprised if
they only offer services in one area, rather than both.

I’m Still Confused.

Understanding the roles of both a web designer and a web developer can be mind-boggling (I know it was for me at first). If you’re looking for an agency that can provide both web design and web development, YMG can help.

YMG are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex. Providing both web design and development services, we specialise in the sporting and fitness market. However, our elite sporting principles and services can be used to enhance any business.

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