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About Your Marketing Guy.

Experts in Online Marketing, Helping Businesses to Achieve Greatness.

Complete control is now back in your hands. No ifs, ands, or buts. No hidden fees, no strings attached.


Digital marketing is about standing out and making a difference. So, we’ve applied this idea to the very core of how digital marketing works. From PPC and SEO to lead generation and copywriting, our expert services are designed to fit any business. Regardless of the industry, location, or budget. This means that digital marketing is now an even playing field from small, local businesses, to large franchises and everybody in-between.


With the ability to pick the services you want, for as long as you need, at a price you’ll love, we offer a truly unique experience in the world of digital marketing. This allows us to focus more time on delivering a premium service to you and your business.

Additionally, every purchase includes access to THE PORTAL, in which you’ll have direct access to the specialist handling your request. Here you can view updates, request changes, and more. This is how we guarantee project success.


By keeping you in the loop during the process of your custom-made digital marketing services, we’re able to ensure your product fulfils and exceeds your expectations.


If you are still unsure you can always contact us at hello@yourmarketingguy.co.uk or call our customer support on 01245 943096. We’re here to ensure you are going to invest in the best option for your business.


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The Origin of Digital Marketing’s Next Step.

Founded in Chelmsford in 2018, we followed standard digital marketing practices for a while. Helping local businesses to thrive online by way of services such as SEO, social media management, and mobile optimisation for their website.


But our passion to truly understand our client’s needs steered us into a new direction – fully customisable digital marketing services and packages. No matter the budget. No jargon, no salesman, no worries.


From this, our team started to brainstorm ways of how we could further help businesses of all shapes and sizes be seen online. Then it came to us…

The Buy-It-Now Digital Marketing Store! A way of allowing businesses nationwide access to cutting edge digital marketing services, without the unnecessary contracts. No hidden fees, no-nonsense, just quality digital marketing services at a price to suit any business. Perfect for your micro or small business!


Now, we’re able to help small and local businesses exceed higher than ever before all across the UK.


By picking exactly what service you want and how long for, The Buy-It-Now Digital Marketing Store allows us to accommodate any budget.

No more arduous back and forth with calls, emails, and meetings, only to realise that the price isn’t quite to your liking.


What’s more, The Buy-It-Now Digital Marketing Store allows customers to speak directly to the expert working on their services. No matter how many services you choose or for how long you want them, you’ll have direct communications with the expert handling your service and account in our custom-built portal, exclusive for customers only.

We pride ourselves on being the most customer-friendly digital marketing agency available. So, alongside the Buy-It-Now Digital Marketing Store, we also write a blog series called Jargon Buster. This series takes the complicated words and phrases used in the world of digital marketing and gives you the low-down. What they mean, how they work, and which types of businesses they effect.

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