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YMG’s Content Creation Service.

Content creation is one of the most powerful tools available to modern businesses.


The process of creating and publishing new content to your website shows search engines that you’re staying relevant and fresh. This boosts your website higher in search engine results, meaning more traffic is directed to your website.


Usually, this would be an ongoing process, tying businesses and digital marketing agencies into a contract. But why would you pay for content you don’t want or need?

Well, our content creation service is unique. Because it’s fully customisable, including service length and quantity.


From e-books and explainer videos to blogs and visuals, every content creation service we offer is completely customisable. Allowing you to control how long you want each service, what exactly you want, and when you want it by.


This process changes the cost of each service, allowing you to create an affordable service that’s perfect for your business.

You’ll also gain access to our The Portal, allowing you to communicate directly with the expert handling your order. This gives you real-time updates on your project, allows you to request changes, and more.


Customising your digital marketing services is the future, and we’re happy to be giving control back to you.


So, stop paying for content you don’t want or need. Visit the Buy It Now Store and start creating your perfect content creation package without breaking the bank.

What Services Do You Offer?

Your Marketing Guy is top-notch content creation agency based in Chelmsford, Essex. At YMG, we’re proud to offer our services within both content creation and content marketing. Each of these services can be provided as a one-off and achieve some success. However, combining two or more of these services together will provide the best results for your business.


The services we offer include:

Content Marketing.

Content marketing is the process of building a connection before the sales pitch. It stimulates interest rather than a direct selling strategy. This appeals to your target audience and seeks to engage them as effectively as possible.



From sales and ad copy to emails and blogs, copywriting is one of the most popular content creation services available. Our professional copy will hit keywords and phrases to boost your SEO, whilst entertaining your audience with interesting and relevant content.


Explainer Videos.

Why write about your products when you can show them?


With our explainer video service, our experts will create a stunning 2D video showing off the features and benefits of your product. Improve the chances of capturing the attention of your audience when scrolling through your website. Explainer videos also make a fantastic addition to a social media marketing campaign.


E-Book & E-Guide Design.

E-books and e-guides remain one of the best forms of content to use in a lead generation campaign.


From small guides detailing how to use a specific product in a page or two, to fully fleshed-out guides spanning dozens of pages.


These can provide a range of information from advice, recommendations, instructions, and various other content.


Engaging, detailed, and useful, your business will benefit greatly with the use of a custom-made e-book or guide.


Sometimes your ideas or explanations are hard to put into words. So, why bother trying? Why not use a powerful infographic that catches the catches the eye of your audience whilst informing them at the same time?


Infographics can be tailor-made for almost any business. No matter if you want to impress your audience with sales figures, show them how a product is made, or highlight features of a product, an infographic can do it all.


Photography & Imagery.

Engage and excite your audience from the moment they first lay eyes on your business.


The imagery on your website and social media accounts is crucial to achieving success. As images are more appealing to the eye than text. So, if the quality of your images is poor or uninteresting, you will soon begin to lose the interest of your audience.


So, why settle for anything but the best?


From product photography and headshots, to 2D imagery and product diagrams, we’re able to provide your business with top-quality imagery, regardless of your industry.


Leaflet & Flyer Design.

Sometimes, a physical approach can work best for your business. And leaflets/flyers are still a viable way to promote your business – if they’re engaging and eye-catching.


However, your first impression is everything when it comes to a leaflet or flyer. Make sure the design is of the highest quality with our leaflet & flyer design service.

Logo Design.

Your brand needs a logo, and you want it to be iconic. Sadly, this isn’t something that can be created on Paint.


Provide your business with a carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind logo that represents what you stand for. Your logo will inspire, excite, and interest your audience, building a stronger bond between business and customer. Bet you didn’t think a logo could do all that, did you?



Videos are fast becoming one of the strongest tools a business can use. More exciting than a photograph, and easier to understand than copy, videos can cover a range of topics. Each one providing your business with huge opportunity.


From 2D explainer videos for your products, to gifs, and even logo reveal videos. Powerful videography is one of the best ways a business can stand out in the modern market.


Powerful videography can be used in almost any area of online marketing. This includes on webpages and social media accounts. Making this one of the most effective and versatile tools a business can use.


Our lead generations are bespoke and designed specifically for your business. Each one is tailor-made without the use of templates.


Q. Which Businesses Can Use Content Creation?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can and will benefit from the use of a creation service, regardless of your industry.


Although businesses can achieve some success using one form of content creation, combining multiple services together will result in a more success of a higher quality. To view a list of prices for our content creation services, CLICK HERE.


Q. What Does A Content Marketing Service Do?

A content marketing service is the planning, creation and execution of a piece of newly-created content. The content is marketed to your target audience in a direct way, creating a more efficient advertisement campaign for you. This results in more traffic to your website and a higher search engine ranking for your website.

Q. Why Use Content Creation & Content Marketing?

Using a content creation agency holds two main benefits. The first is that it saves you time. The second is that it provides your website with a professional and practical finish. With our elite sporting principals, we guarantee premium results for your website.


We are proud to also offer our services as a content marketing agency. We will create bespoke content that best suits your business, industry and target audience.



Q. How Content Marketing Helps Improve Your Business.


Having stunning and inspiring content will increase the chances of your content being shared and linked to. This creates backlinks to your website. Having multiple high-quality backlinks will help improve your search engine rankings.


Q. How Content Marketing Helps Improve Your Business.

Social media.

Social media is content hungry. It doesn’t take an expert see how much content gets shared around on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Do you want your content to join the likes of those you see shared to hundreds and sometimes thousands of people? Delight your audience with engaging photos, videos and content, and this is more likely to happen.



Authority and trust.

Show your audience that you understand their pain points, their wants, and their needs. With relevant and appropriate content, your audience will see that your business understands them, and isn’t just trying to sell to them.


Over time, this will build trust between your business and your audience, resulting in a higher chance of them willing to convert.


Why Use YMG?

Content creation is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. If your business is seen to be producing and sharing interesting and helpful content, you’ll soon become a figurehead in your industry. This will also build trust between your business and your audience, which will lead to conversions and sales.


But why would you pay for content you don’t want or need?

With YMG’s Buy It Now Store, you get complete control. From explainer videos and infographics to photography and logo design, we’re proud to offer a huge range of custom content creation. With something for every business looking to stand out and wow your audience.

Not only this, but we’re able to provide our services to fit any business size, industry, or budget. From one-off designs to ongoing services, our content creation services are perfect for any business.


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