How to Market & Advertise Your Business After Christmas.


How to Market & Advertise Your Business After Christmas.

How to Market & Advertise Your Business After Christmas.

From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


We know, we know. Post-Christmas can be a gloomy time of year. Rubbish weather, diets, and refunding those gifts your aunty got you. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

If you take your time to create a plan and structure out for the long-term, your business can thrive in the months following Christmas. And here’s how:


Set Your Goals.

The first thing you’ll need to do is fully understand what you want your business to achieve following the festive period. Be as specific as possible.

Saying “I want to earn more money” or “I want my business to grow” is too vague and will not help. The smallest of points will make a huge difference, even giving yourself a date to do it by or a number will put you on the right path.

The more specific your goal is, the easier it is to achieve, as you’ll have a specific point to focus on, rather than a broad range. For example, if your aim is to “grow your business”, there are many ways to interpret that. Taking on one more client or member of staff counts as growing your business.

“In the post-Christmas months, I want my advertisements to reach more of my target audience. Secondly, I want to be generating at least 2 more clients each fortnight.” This is the sort of target you need to give your business.


Have a Plan.

Once you know what you want to achieve, the next step is figuring out how you’ll achieve this.

The months following Christmas can be lacklustre for many businesses, as many customers or clients will try to spend less. So, this is the perfect time to begin executing your plan. Additionally, if you haven’t pre-planned, the days following the festive period are great for coming up with a plan.

For example, if you haven’t already, consider different styles of advertisement, such as social media ads. Start compiling ideas of what you’ll advertise – an item/product, or just your business itself – and find the resources you’ll need. Photographs, product specs, etc.

Once you know what you want and have a plan, it’s time to move on to the next step.


Reach Out.

When your business has set some firm goals and you have a plan to follow, it’s time to make contact with the people who can help.

Digital marketing agencies offer a range of services focused around helping your business thrive online. This includes online adverts, lead generations, and optimising your website for search engines. So, if you’re looking to market or advertise immediately after Christmas to give your business a boost, that’s where you’ll want to start.

Often, business owners have reservations about contacting digital marketing agencies if they’re not sure exactly how they work. So, we’re here to offer some advice.

  1. If you’re looking to have a better understanding before you contact one, check out our Jargon Buster series. We regularly create blog posts explaining the terminology used by digital marketing agencies. We explain what they mean, how they work, and how they benefit your business.
  2. Contact them for advice. Any good digital marketing agency will understand that business owners may not be familiar with how they work. And most will be happy to discuss how their processes work and what would be best for your business. And, if you’re looking to speak to an expert, we’ve got you sorted. Click here to speak to an expert.

Remember, these agencies specialise in helping your business to be seen online. So, if that’s what you’re aiming for in the weeks and months after the festive season, it’s worth listening to what they have to say.

To see a list of services we offer, click here.


Don’t Cheap Out.

As a business owner, you’ll want what’s best for your business. But people have different perspectives of what’s best for their business – the best results, or the cheapest expense.

Without advertisement, it’s likely that your business will struggle. At best, it will stagnate. But yet, some business owners will insist on finding the cheapest possible way to advertise their business. Which will often result in minimal results at best. Worse still, the cheaper of the service, the more likely the methods rely on black hat techniques, which will harm your online presence over time.

Ultimately, you should proceed with the agency you believe understands your needs best and cares the most about providing results. Because, without this, you’ll be wasting both time and money.

If you’re looking to provide your business with top-quality digital marketing services following the Christmas period, get in touch. From PPC and SEO to lead generation and social media management, we can provide your business with all of the digital marketing services you need.


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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