Jargon Buster – Pain Points.

Jargon Buster – Pain Points.

Jargon Buster – Pain Points.

Jargon Buster – Pain Points.


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All good things return. Gorillaz, Doctor Who, cargo pants, and Hayden Christensen playing Anakin Skywalker.

OK, so we might have been being hopeful with those last two, but the point still stands! All the greats make a comeback, and, you guessed it, Jargon Buster is back! In all fairness, the title of this blog might have given that away, but still…

In this edition of Jargon Buster, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about pain points, including how to use them, why they’re important, and more! So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


What Are Pain Points?

A pain point is, simply put, a problem that a potential customer needs solving. No matter how big or small, pain points are what will register interest in your product or service.

Areas such as “needing a cheaper alternative” or “easy to work” can also be considered pain points. For example, for a lot of people, shaving is a necessity. So, simply saying “people need to shave, our business sells razors” is not identifying your audience’s pain points effectively. However, identifying that razors can become expensive and that your business offers cheaper alternatives is an example of nailing several pain points at once.


How Do Pain Points Work?

When a customer or member of your target audience begins to browse, they want solutions. Your product or service needs to help solve whatever the problem is (remember that problem and pain point can be viewed as one and the same). So, in order to sell your product or service more effectively, you need to show you understand the pain points, whilst also identifying how your product or service solves them.

So, when it comes to selling your product, you show your audience how you’ve identified the issue, and how your product solves this issue. This way you’ve identified the pain point and offered a solution.


Who Has Pain Points?

Everybody has pain points. You, me, your ex-landlord, even the lady on the train next to you this morning.

As we highlighted earlier in this blog, when it comes to browsing for a product, it needs to serve a purpose. Understanding who your target audience are and drafting up a customer persona will help you to understand this better.

The bottom line is this – your product or service will always serve to solve a pain point. However, if you don’t understand who has this pain point, you’ll struggle to sell your item. After all, selling a product isn’t just about hitting pain points, it’s about understanding the audience behind this pain point, too.


How Do I Hit Pain Points?

The three best ways to hit pain points are the following:

  • Identify your target audience.
  • Create a customer persona.
  • Hire a professional copywriter/use a copywriting service.

The reason for this is, to truly understand your customer’s pain points, you must understand your target audience. Once this is done, you’ll need a detailed customer persona. This will help you to understand where your audience is, what they’re interested in and more. The more you understand about your audience, the easier it’ll be to hit your pain points.

However, hitting pain points can still be a tricky business. As, if your audience can detect that they’re being sold to, it’ll often make them hesitant to convert into a customer. This is why the balance of understanding your audience and hitting pain points is so important, and luckily, this is where copywriters thrive.

Copywriters are masters of hitting pain points and sympathising with your audience whilst seamlessly blending this into sales copy. Not only this, but they’ll hit keywords and phrases that will boost your SEO and more. Better yet, not all copywriting services have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, the copywriting services we offer in our Buy It Now Digital Marketing Store are effective and competitively priced.


How Do I Use Pain Points?

A copywriter will seamlessly blend effective sales copy whilst hitting pain points, which will convert more leads into sales. However, there are additional ways to use pain points to your advantage.

When commissioning images for your product or services, you can request that unique parts or aspects are highlighted to immediately attract the attention of your audience. For example, if your product boasts easy to use functions, highlight these areas. This will cover two areas, both copy and visuals, and drastically increase your chances of converting leads into sales. However, bear in mind that this has to be done in a professional-looking way. If all of your images are highlighted and circled, it can end up looking tacky and unprofessional.

Ultimately, you’ll want to show and tell how your product or service meets the needs of your audience, as well as that it helps to eradicate their pain point. If you can do this, your product will sell.


Final Thoughts.

Pain points are not a quick and easy fix for selling every product. Discovering and truly understanding them takes time and patience but will pay off in the long-term. This is because pain points can vary wildly from product to product, even if they’re in the same range or produced by the same company. Because of this, it’s important not to rush the process of identifying pain points, as getting this wrong can result in a complete misfire and failure to successfully sell a product. Which, of course, is the main goal.


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