Jargon Dictionary.

Jargon Dictionary.

Jargon Dictionary.

A Guide to YMG’s Jargon Buster.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


We at YMG pride ourselves on being the digital marketing agency that goes the extra mile to help businesses exceed. Of course, this includes regularly updating our Jargon Buster series. With over 20 entries into the series already, it’s become a real staple of who we are. And, with no signs of slowing down, we know it’ll continue to grow bigger and better.

So, we’ve decided to construct a bite-size version, a dictionary if you will. Here we will list all the entries into our Jargon Buster series, listed from A-Z (we’re yet to find an entry for Z). This list will be updated whenever a new entry is added, and clicking the name will take you to the full listing for the entry.

Without further ado, here is our Jargon Dictionary:


Above/Below the Fold.

The content seen on screen when first visiting a website, without needing to scroll down. This is where you’ll need to capture the attention of your audience.


Advertising Copy.

Copy that sells. Hitting pain points, whilst addressing the wants and needs of your audience. Specially written to advertise your product or service.


Agile Marketing.

Quick and frequent changes in your marketing approach, in an attempt to gain the best results. Quickly adapting to trends and current situations.


B2B & B2C.

Business to business and business to consumer. The two types of businesses. These often change the marketing approaches the business should take.


Black Hat SEO.

The use of underhand or unfair techniques to boost your SEO.


Bounce Rate.

How quickly someone leaves your website. A high bounce rate shows that your website may be attracting the wrong type of person for your business.


Buyer’s Journey.

The process an average buyer will go through before committing to a purchase. Includes several points of contact/exposure.


Call to Action.

A button located on a page with the intention of directing the browser to a specific webpage. Often includes an adjective to encourage clicking.


Click-Through Rate.

An equation used to calculate the number of people that click on a link when presented with it. Usually used in a marketing campaign or on your website.



Text on a web page or email. Often used to sell or appeal to your target audience.


Cost Per Acquisition.

An equation used to calculate the cost of your marketing per new customer. Also used to calculate the effectiveness of a campaign.


Domain Authority.

How trustworthy your website is. This factor contributes to your ranking in search engines.



A website designed for the sale of goods and services.


Engagement Rate.

Used on social media. An equation to see how many people interact or engage with a post vs how many people view it.


Evergreen Content.

Content such as a blog or graphic that stays relevant for some time. Can be used time and time again.



Used before words to tag other content using the same hashtag. E.G. #DigitalMarketing. Used mainly on social media.


Influencer Marketing.

Marketing using an influencer or person of influence in your industry. Common on social media platforms.


Landing Page.

A webpage specifically designed for new leads to your website. Often directed to with the help of a marketing campaign.



An individual that fits into your target audience. Someone who may buy into your business via your products or services.


Lead Generation.

A marketing campaign specialising in finding members of your target audience. Creating new leads for your business.


Lead Nurturing.

Marketing strategy aimed at leads that have shown interest in your business. Often includes services like follow ads.


Marketing Rule of 7.

The idea that a customer must interact with a business 7 times before committing to a purchase or sale.


Paid & Organic Traffic.

Visitors to your website, either paid or natural. Traffic meaning the visitors, and they will be either visiting due to paid ads, or not.


Pain Points.

Areas of focus to help sell a product or service. Most commonly used in professional sales copy.


Social Media Management.

The professional management of social media pages. Includes the scheduling & posting of content. Often used by businesses.


Split Testing.

Running different versions of the same web page to compare results. Also known as A/B testing.


Target Audience.

People that fall into categories you’ve identified as hubs for your products or market. Includes age ranges, interests, income, and more.


White Hat SEO.

The practice of proper and ‘lawful’ SEO techniques.


Be sure to check back for regular updates!


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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