(Less Than) 20 Questions – With Nathan French.


(Less Than) 20 Questions – With Nathan French.

(Less Than) 20 Questions – With Nathan French.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


As our ‘Meet the Team’ segment continues to expand, we’re happy to share with you an exciting new edition. Today, we sit down with the captain himself, Nathan French.


Hello. Please Introduce Yourself.

Hello, I’m Nathan. I’m the founder and company director of YMG.

What Attracted You to Marketing?

I think really for me it’s because it’s how business can separate themselves from others. It’s key, it’s intelligent it’s challenging, and every day is different.

What Do You like About Working at YMG?

The fact we can help all types of businesses. No matter how big they are, how long they’ve been going, or anything. We can always help and learn about new businesses on the way.

Oh, and me being in charge is fun.  

What Do You like to Do Outside of Work?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I’m kidding. I like visiting new and different places. My wife and I recently gave birth to our second child, so, spending time with them and exploring when we get the chance is something I love. Even if it’s day trips to the beach or something like that.

What’s Your Favourite Kind of Music?

As a general genre, hip-hop is my favourite.

But I’m easy going to be honest. I listen to a lot of different music, and I’ve even been to an opera! Sadly, my YouTube playlist is full of Mr Tumble at the moment due to my daughter getting hold of the iPad, so yeah.

What’s Your Favourite Film?

Nathan paused for a long time here, with his finger on his chin.

This is difficult. Favourite film. What’s yours?

I then told Nathan some of my favourites, but it didn’t seem to affect his answer.

I love action thrillers. Transporter, John Wick, those kinds of films. James Bond, too. But, on the other hand, I could watch all of The Naked Gun movies back to back a million times and still laugh.

If You Could Spend a Week in the Past or a Week in the Future, Which Would You Pick and Why?

I would pick a week in the future*.

He paused here to think, with a finger on his chin once again.

The way I see it, I think the past is done. And you shouldn’t change it. You could also see what’s big in the future and change some aspects in your life now. For example, I could buy properties in areas that I know will eventually become worth a lot of money or have an amazing view.

If You Could Invite Any 5 People to a Dinner Party, Who Would You Invite?

I hate this question. I ask this question to people myself, but I still can’t think of my own answer.

One would be my wife, as I’m sure she’d be upset if I didn’t pick her. Other than that, I don’t know. I mean, the obvious answer is someone like Cleopatra or Caesar, but I’m not sure personally. I would love to say Usain Bolt, but then is Bolt more interesting than someone like Genghis Khan?

I’m struggling because do I choose someone that I know is interesting or someone I love? Like Cleopatra would be interesting, but do I want her there? What would I say to her? I don’t know. Stephen Hawkins? But then he’d make me realise I know nothing about the world, so I don’t know.

What Would You Cook for That Group?

I’d cook a nice Italian mean, something like a nice lasagne.

I’d probably lay out an assortment of breads and olives. A side salad garnished with balsamic.

He was very passionate about this question. A certain gleam appeared in his eyes at this point.

Hamsters or Gerbils?


Was Thanos Wrong?

Who’s Thanos?

At this point I explained the basics of the MCU.

Erm, I think he’s looking out for the greater good, isn’t he? I’m jumping to conclusions after a very brief summary here. No politician would answer, but for this I’ll say that. Allegedly it was for the greater good.

What’s Your Favourite Tim Curry Role?

Erm, can I have a different actor?

Ok, What’s Your Favourite Bruce Willis Role?

Armageddon. It’s got to be. Or Die ha-

He paused.


Biggest Regret?

I don’t believe in regret.

Because at the time it’s the best decision. It’s only hindsight that makes it a regret. The best decision you made at the time could be the worst one ever later down the line, but you didn’t know that at the time.

Do You Think Thanos Regretted His Decision?

Erm, no?

Favourite Colour?

Wow, these are surprisingly difficult.

Blue. But you know, it’s standard. No specific shade. I don’t have the hex code preference. Just ‘blue’ for me.

What’s the Strangest Thing You Can Tell Us About Yourself?

I speak aloud with my thoughts, like I’m talking to somebody. My wife is concerned to be honest.

If I’m planning a speech, I would just talk like I’m on the stage. Not shouting, but talking so I have the pauses and emphasis in the right place. Or prior to a meeting I do the same. I kind of talk to myself.

What Was Your Favourite Question of this Interview?

The dinner one. I just can’t answer it!

*After a long discussion, Nathan chose to go back to ancient Egypt.


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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