Mission Statements: Why You Should Have One and How You Write It.

mission statements

Mission Statements: Why You Should Have One and How You Write It.

Mission Statements: Why You Should Have One and How You Write It.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


Your mission, should you chose to accept it – write a mission statement for your business. In spy movies, the hero is given a mission. It tells them exactly what they need to achieve. Mission statements for businesses are no different. They help keep everyone on track and help you focus on what’s important. Your marketing efforts need to align themselves with your mission statement.


What Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a short declaration of your company’s purpose. If you give this mission statement to a recruit, they should know what your company does and gets a feeling of how you operate.

Your Mission Statement could be short and punchy:

“We want to reduce the number of dogs suffering viral and bacterial illnesses each year.”

Or it could be longer:

“We want to help puppies grow up to be healthy and strong. We aim to lower the number of admissions to vets every year for viral and bacterial illnesses in dogs. We produce delicious and healthy dog food to help boost the immune system of puppies. We also educate owners about potential risks that dogs face in a fun and light-hearted way.”

At Your Marketing Guy, our mission statement is:

“YMG seeks to help business owners improve their marketing ROIs and save time. We aim to be as transparent, helpful and as educational as possible about our methods at all times.”


Why Do You Need a Mission Statement?

Imagine you’re a spy. How do you know what you’re supposed to be doing? A member of MI6 will give you a mission. It tells you what you are working towards and gives you a purpose. Usually, it’s restrictive enough so you play by the rules of MI6, but also vague enough that you can use your own methods.

A mission statement is no different. It gives your team a purpose. It will enable the team to be creative and think outside the box whilst also acting as an anchor to stop them from going too far.

You can also send this mission statement to outside vendors who are working with you – such as digital marketing agencies, recruitment companies, affiliates, freelancers or influencers.

If everybody is on the same page, it makes it much easier for different projects to fit together. When brainstorming ideas, you can always ask the question “how does this fit with our mission statement?”.


Questions to Consider When Writing a Mission Statement.


1. What Problem Are You Trying to Solve?

Every successful business has a problem it strives to solve. A clothing website might want to help someone look stylish on a budget. A virtual assistant hopes to save business owners time by taking away time-consuming admin tasks. Think about why your company exists and what service you offer.


2. What Is Your Company Culture?

Are you a company who takes things seriously? Are you a fun, silly, light-hearted brand? Your mission statement should reflect your tone of voice. A potential client should be able to gauge your company’s personality through your mission statement.


3. Could Your Competitors Use Your Mission Statement?

As a business, you should always be looking to stand out from the crowd. Look at your competitors in your field. If your mission statement could describe a good chunk of them, you might want to try to explore why you are different. Make sure your mission statement is unique to you.


4. What Are Your Company Values?

Are you an environmentally friendly company? Perhaps your products are ethically sourced? Or maybe you give a percentage of your profits to charity. If your company have a culture of ‘giving back’ or is big on social responsibility, then you should mention it in your mission statement.


5. Are Your Team Aware of Your Mission Statement?

Imagine if M didn’t tell James Bond the mission statement. Bond would be guessing his next movements and would be scrabbling for leads. While he may have unconventional ways of getting there, he knows his end goal.

If you have a team of staff, they should all be aware of your mission statement. It should be in every employee handbook. Print it out and stick in a place everyone can see it. Everyone should be working for the same mission, from the CEO to the most junior interns. If your mission statement isn’t available, then your marketing might go off on an irrelevant tangent.

Mission Statements are vital to marketing. They keep you on the same page and help point everyone in the right direction. Stay true to your mission statement and your business will grow with a strong message that will excite your audience.


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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