Online Advertising – 5 (And a Half) Ways to Tell if Your Advert is Working.

Online Advertising – 5 (And a Half) Ways to Tell if Your Advert is Working.

Online Advertising – 5 (And a Half) Ways to Tell if Your Advert is Working.

Online Advertising – 5 (And a Half) Ways to Tell if Your Advert is Working.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


In the world of online advertisements, many business owners are still unsure about taking their first steps into the unknown waters of online advertising. One of the main reasons why business owners are often reluctant to invest in online advertisements is the fact they aren’t sure how to see if their advert is having a positive effect or not. Well, wonder no more, as we here at YMG are on the case!

In this blog, we’re going to outline several ways of finding out if your adverts are a success, or if they need tweaking (for better, or for worse).

But, before you scroll down to hastily to get into the meat of this helpful meal, we urge you to remember this: online adverts are just the same as physical adverts, they are not a magical portal that instantly creates success. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on online ads if you don’t understand your target audience, or if you don’t fully understand your product. Also, if you’re trying to sell something absolutely ludicrous like a swimming cap for turtles or bricks made of water, your ads will likely fail regardless, no matter how much water bricks sounds like a band name.


Interactions and Engagements.

Of course, when it comes to online advertisements (especially those on social media), the primary aims are to either promote your products, or direct customers to your website. Sometimes both. But the beauty of social media ads is that, even if your ad doesn’t succeed directly, it may indirectly.

The likes of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all have 3 base functions when it comes to posts – liking, commenting, and sharing. Although they’re named differently on each platform, their function remains largely the same. This is where, unlike physical or traditional advertisements, online ads can shine. Users can ‘tag’ their friends on an ad, which exposes your advertisement to more people. The same can be said for ‘sharing’ an ad, which may occur if a user finds the advertisement particularly useful, interesting, or humorous. Lastly, ‘liking’ an ad, although it doesn’t guarantee a larger engagement or even purchase, shows you that your audience appreciates your advertisement. Although this may seem small, it’s a sign that your ads could be working.


Website Traffic.

One of the easiest ways to tell if your adverts are working is through the traffic on your website. Please note, if you don’t currently have a website, what are you doing? You can get one for less than you think over on our Buy It Now Digital marketing Store, and we firmly believe every business (no matter how big or small) needs a website.

When running an online ad, from PPC to social media, the advertisement should direct users to either your website or a specially designed landing page. Luckily, Google Analytics allows you to view the incoming traffic to your website, as well as separate the organic from the referral traffic. For those of you that are unsure, organic traffic will generally be the users finding your website through Google searches. Referral traffic is, you guessed it, traffic directed from your ads. So, overall, comparing the difference in website traffic before and during your ads is a great way of telling if your advertisements are working.


Bounce Rates.

As with any online advert, you’re going to be aiming to direct users and members of your target audience to your website. So, we always advise that you look at your average bounce rate before setting up any online ads.

The next process is simple. Once your ad has been online for some time, go back and check the updated bounce rate on your website. With any luck, your rating should have improved, as you’ve been advertising to your target audience, which, if your ad is successful, would direct more high-quality traffic to your website. If your bounce rate has gotten worse, it’s a sign that your adverts are currently successful, and need changing.



From pay-per-click to social media, online ads almost always provide analytics as to how the advertisement is performing.

How to access these analytics vary from platform to platform, but the principle remains the same – from how many users have seen the ad to how many have interacted, it’ll all be there. This is one of the biggest and best reasons to chose online ads over traditional, as, not only can they be targeted specifically to your target audience, but you can also see how they’re performing. We think you’d struggle to say the same about billboards, leaflets, and television advertisements.



Believe it not, this point isn’t focused solely on the number of sales but rather the quality of them. But what does this mean exactly?

Any business worth their salt will earn sales, regardless of their industry or size. But a successful ad campaign can help to increase not only the number of sales, but the quality of them. As the advertising rule of 7 suggests, a potential consumer will need, on average, 7 interactions with a business before committing to a sale. So, although your ad may not directly result in a sale, it increases the likelihood of exposing a potential customer to another interaction with your business. Over time, this will, in theory, produce higher and a better quality of sales.

Of course, if your advertisement is weak or unstructured, you’re unlikely to see this. So, it’s important to remember to put as much effort into your advertisements as you would any other aspect of your business.



For some people, understanding how to check the success of their online ads isn’t enough, and that’s OK! Because there are businesses out there, some award-winning like ours, who help with exactly that kind of stuff. From pay-per-click ads to social media adverts, we’re able to provide it all. For more information, including pricing, head over to our Buy It Now Digital Marketing Store to see how we can help.

For more helpful blogs like this one, head over to our blogs page. We post content regularly, all with the intention of helping people like you to understand our world of digital marketing. Full disclosure, when we say we our world, we don’t mean we own it, we mean that because we’re experts in this field. Second full disclosure, it’s not a physical field or world, they were just metaphorical.

Anyway, thanks for reading! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in contact with us by calling us on 01245 943096, emailing us at, or messaging us on Facebook.

Thanks again, be safe out there, and we’ll see you on the next one!


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