The Pros and Cons of Pinterest for Business.

The Pros and Cons of Pinterest for Business.

Pinterest is the social network for people who love to organise stuff. Users arrange images (called pins) into groups (called boards). Content ranges inspirational images, life hacks, beautiful photography, interior design and party planning ideas.

Pinterest does lend itself to business if you’re in the right industry. Let’s explore the pros and cons of Pinterest for Business.

The Pros of Pinterest for Business.

Easy to Drive Traffic.

Pinterest is fantastic for driving traffic. If you have a blog, then Pinterest is a great place for your posts. Creating beautiful, ‘pinnable’ images for your blog posts and uploading them to your website can help boost your traffic. Many bloggers have seen vast numbers of traffic from Pinterest.

Perfect for Visual Brands.

If you’re e-commerce, design focused or an event planner, then Pinterest is for you. Pinterest is an excellent place for people who are looking for and comparing products.

Higher Conversion Rate.

Pinterest also has a higher conversion rate than other social media platforms. 50% of pinners say they have purchased a product after seeing it advertised on Pinterest. And that’s just online. 91% of Pinners say they use Pinterest to plan offline purchases.

Long Pin Lifetime Value.

Pinterest’s algorithm keeps pins circulating for a long time. If your pin gets ‘re-pinned’ (shared on another user’s board) then that pin is doubled, meaning it’s twice as likely to come up in search results. Pins that we posted five or six years ago are still gaining re-pins and high click-through-rates today.

Users Follow What They Want to See.

Users have the option of following the board or following the user. If you follow the board, you only see pins that the user pins to that board. If you follow the user, you follow every single board they have. By following the users, you see everything that user pins onto every board. This means you can post a much broader range of pins.

Helps Boost Your SEO.

Pinterest profiles rank in search, which can help keep your brand name branded just to you. Boards also rank in search, meaning you can get extra space in search results.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Pinterest itself uses rel=”nofollow” links on all pin links, so it won’t increase your backlink count. However, it is thought that social signals help your SEO, so it is an excellent way to up your social media post numbers.

Pinterest is also a very high driver of traffic. More re-pins means more traffic to your website, and more traffic will help boost your ranking.

It’s Free to See Success.

Pinterest is free to set up and you can get huge amounts of re-pins and traffic without spending a penny on the site. Well-optimised pins will see high impressions and high re-pins, without paying for engagement. That said, Pinterest does have a basic advert system if you wanted to see faster results

The Cons of Pinterest for Business.

It’s Very Time-Consuming.

Having played around a lot with Pinterest since it was launched in 2010, we’ve discovered that the more pins you post, the better results you will get. One of our clients posts 25-35 pins every day. After 6 months, they were getting 700 re-pins every week and traffic is going from strength to strength.

However, even with a scheduler system, curating strong optimised content for Pinterest can be incredibly time-consuming. If you can guarantee the system will work for you, then it is worth the hours.

Specific Audience.

Like Snapchat, Pinterest has an incredibly niche audience for a social media platform. Pinterest caters mainly to women (81%) between the ages of 25 and 50. If your audience doesn’t fit into those brackets, the site may not be worth the investment.

Expensive to Automate.

There are very few good Pinterest schedulers. Our recommended resource is Tailwind, but at $120 a year to only schedule Pinterest could seem a bit steep for a small brand, especially with the man-hours involved. As tailwind doesn’t really schedule anything else (apart from Instagram), it’s more money out of your social media budget. However, if you are willing to take the hit and your industry fits the bill, it is worth it.

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