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Your Marketing Guy is a top-notch SEO Agency in Chelmsford Essex. SEO is crucial to the success of any business. If your website doesn’t rank highly on search engine result pages, your business is unlikely to be seen. This will mean a low amount of traffic to your website, which will result in a low sales rate.


But this doesn’t mean that SEO must be expensive.


Our SEO services are completely customisable, providing you with a service you need, for as long as you want, at a price you’ll love.

No hidden fees, no unnecessary contracts, and no fuss. This gives you the freedom to customise your SEO package to fit any budget.


Purchasing any of our SEO services gains you access to The Portal, a space in which you’ll be able to communicate directly with the specialist processing your service.

Here you’ll be able to view updates, request changes, and more.


We’re giving the power back to business owners with our affordable SEO services. Delivered by experts, affordable for all businesses.


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Q. What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviated term for search engine optimisation. This is the process of enhancing your website for higher results in search engines.


Search engines are constantly evolving in all sorts of ways, trying to understand which website is the most relevant to any search.


Trying to stay on top of this whilst running a business can be difficult, which is why many businesses decide to provide their website with SEO services fulfilled by industry experts, such as us.

Q. How Do SEO Services Work?

How do you drive a high volume of traffic onto your site? More specifically, high volumes of your target audience? Simple.


By being one of the first results on a Google search when your audience search for a service or product you provide.


Q. What Does an SEO Provider Do?

The main purpose of an SEO provider is to help boost the position of your website in popular search engines like Google or Bing. As your SEO provider, we provide exactly which service you require at a cost that suits you. By using the skills and techniques we have perfected, we achieve results for any and all websites.

Q. But how do you do this?

As experts in providing SEO services, we understand this better than most. The basics of which are the following:


1.       Understanding Your Audience.

We study your audience using qualitative and quantitative research. This help us gage the types of websites and keywords to target.


2.       Keyword Research.

Based on the audience research we begin to establish the keywords your website needs to rank for.


3.       On-Page and Technical SEO.

We then begin to optimise your website for SEO best practices. We investigate the site navigation, speed, keyword density and more.


4.       Off Page SEO.

We then begin our link building outreach. We use targeted, high domain sites for guest blogs and backlinks.


Q. What Type of Businesses Does YMG’s SEO Services Work With?

No matter what your business is, YMG can help. Each service we offer comes tailor-made to suit that business model.

Q. Why Do I Need an SEO Service?

As an SEO agency Chelmsford Essex, we understand the importance of high-level traffic on your website. Without this, your business is missing out on potential sales. Ranking highly in search results for key terms means more exposure to your website, which means more business for you.


However, if your website ranks highly for the wrong keywords, this may result in a lot of traffic on your website that is not your target audience. If this is the case, they may only spend seconds on your website. This increases your bounce rate and will ultimately lower your SEO ranking.


We are a SEO provider that understands the science of SEO, and our methods are strictly white hat that boost your traffic.


Q. What Packages Do YMG Offer?

Every business is different. Not every business wants the same SEO service as others, and rightly so. Not every business will benefit from the same style of service as another.


This is why our Buy It Now Store is ideal for any business. No matter your size, industry, or budget, there’s an SEO service perfect for your business.

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