Social Media Engagement Rate: How to Measure and Improve it.


Social Media Engagement Rate: How to Measure and Improve it.

Social Media Engagement Rate: How to Measure and Improve it.


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Comparing social media results can sometimes be like comparing apples and oranges. It’s hard to compare an account with 100 followers to an account with millions. This is where ‘engagement rate equation’ or ERO comes in. It’s a tiny bit of maths that can help you understand your engagement. Plus, this nifty equation is the best way to compare yourself with the big shots of social media.


The ‘Engagement Rate Equation’ is Very Simple.

Social Media Engagement Rate: How to Measure and Improve it.

Grab a calculator. Add up the of engagements on any post (comments, likes, reactions, retweets, etc). Divide that by the number of followers you have. Then multiply that by 100 (turning it into a percentage).

The number you have is a rough guide on how well that post performed. If you add together the engagement from one platform from the last seven days and divide that number by seven, you get your weekly average. Run this through the equation to find out your weekly engagement rate. We recommend doing this every week for all channels, then add the numbers into a spreadsheet. This helps you keep track of what’s working and what isn’t.

You can use the same equation on competitors too. While they receive vast amounts of likes, their content may only be seen by a small percentage of their millions of followers. Try out the equation on some more prominent brands and compare the results to your own. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Industry Averages.

RivalIQ  found the average engagement rates on the three big social networks

  • Facebook: 0.16%
  • Twitter: 0.046%
  • Instagram: 1.73%

Lower than you thought? Don’t panic. As social media platforms grow, it is getting harder to reach all of your audience. Social media users now follow hundreds of accounts at a time, which means you need to fight for space in the timelines. Some companies (looking at you, Facebook) are actively squeezing brands out of timelines in favour of paid advertising.

But hold your horses!

With a good content strategy, a strong social media game, and an eye for detail, you can beat the system by raising your engagement.


How to Grow Your Engagement Rate.

A combination of all the ideas below will help you grow your channel. Be warned, increasing engagement rate can be a lot of work. Read down further for a much easier route to engagement rate growth.

  • Time of Day: Make sure your posts are in front of your audience. Know when they are in front of their devices, and make sure you post at those times. Test out lots of different times for content. If you use scheduling software, see if they have an ‘auto-schedule’ function.
  • Use Video: Social media sites are pushing video content right now. Get your iPhone or camera out and record some videos. You can re-purpose your top performing evergreen content for an easy win.
  • Ask Questions: Add questions to the end of your posts asking for opinions. It could be as simple as asking if they agree with a statement or what product is their favourite. As well as boosting your engagement, it will also help you to understand your audience.
  • Strike Up a Conversation: If people are replying to your posts, try to chat with them. If you can get a back-and-forth going, this will increase your engagement rate.
  • Use Eye-Catching Images: Social media is all about visuals, even on Twitter and LinkedIn. Many social media users scroll through their newsfeeds to see if anything jumps out. Use images with bold colours, beautiful layouts and relatable models to catch the eye of a skim reader.
  • Like, Comment and Share Other People: Don’t be afraid to engage with other people! Search on social media for keywords relating to your industry. Comment and like other people’s statuses. If someone has posted something that your audience might like, share it to your page. Some users will return the favour.
  • Thank Everyone who Shares Your Posts: If someone shares a post, make sure you thank them. You can comment on the post they shared, tagging them in it, or send them a direct message. People like to be appreciated.
  • Tweak and Re-Post Popular Content: Have a blog post that is getting high amounts of traffic? Have a post that performed well a few months ago? Tweak the wording or picture and post it again.
  • Use Boosting Options: Many social networks give you the opportunity to promote a post. This means paying some money to show your post to more people. When done correctly, you can get an excellent ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Use Social Adverts: Using advertising to grow your page is an excellent way to increase your engagement rate. Put your best content into an advert and encourage conversation in the comments by replying to comments.
  • Use Funny and Relatable Images: Twitter and Facebook have built-in search options for Gifs. You can use funny gifs to engage your audience.
  • Host Competitions: Host a contest or giveaway on your page. Give away one of your products or a voucher to your store. Ask people to like and share the competition post. You will need to be wary of competition rules on Facebook. You can use competition apps, such as, to host the competition on your website. Gleam has loads of features which can encourage engagement on your social networks. You will find people tagging their friends in the comments and asking questions.
  • Encourage Store Customers to Engage on Social Media: If you’re a shop owner, encourage customers to take photos and share them on social media. Add a sign saying “upload your photos to Instagram and tag @MyStore to be featured on our page”. Make sure you ask permission to use the photos before posting.
  • Ask For Likes and Shares: Ask people to share your posts with their friends. Don’t do this on every post as it is far more effective when used sparingly. Facebook has said they are penalising posts with this wording, but you can still use this tactic on any other social media sites.


We are here to help you.

Growing your engagement rate can be very time-consuming, but the return on investment is worth its weight in gold. Unless you have a dedicated social media person, it can be hard to make it work. That’s where a digital agency will be the answer for you. Here at Your Marketing Guy, we have social media experts ready to help your channels grow. Take a look at our services or contact us today.


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