Social Media Marketing – What’s New?


Social Media Marketing – What’s New?

Social Media Marketing – What’s New?


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The beauty of the digital age is that things are always changing. Presenting new opportunities for businesses to reach consumers, other businesses, and more.

But wading through countless articles and blogs can be tedious. So, we’ve decided to put together a list of the most important pieces of news you and your business should know.

Here’s what’s new with social media marketing:


Facebook Ads in Group Tabs.

Social media giant Facebook have been going through some rocky times as of late. As a result, they’re trying to shake things up – for both users and advertisers.

Trialling in late 2019, certain advertisers will gain access to certain resources, making their ads viewable in the tabs for groups. This new feature aims to allow businesses to reach consumers in a new, arguably more direct way. Previously, advertisers could only reach consumers by placing ads in their general feed, meaning it was often ignored by the target audience. This testing could prove hugely beneficial to B2C focused businesses. Especially after the decline in engagement via Facebook in recent times.

Marketing news site Marketing Land published an article in 2018 focusing on why businesses are relying on Facebook Groups for engagement. This trend could well be why the social media giants are choosing to make advertising in group spaces a reality.

We will post more on this news when more information is released. However, what we know so far is this:

  • Advertisements will look almost identical to news feed ads. However, only 1 image will be displayed rather than multiple.
  • The same ‘Sponsored’ and ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ will feature. Giving the consumers full transparency,

If successful, this feature is expected to launch for mainstream use in 2020.


Instagram Tests Invites on Stories.

Sticking to the testing news, imaged-based social media site Instagram are also testing a new feature. This time with invites.

These invites will be displayed as stickers, available to add to an Instagram story. Similar to a call-to-action button on an email, it will allow consumers to respond to events with the click of a button. So, no more ‘click the link in our bio’ or ‘swipe up’ comments.

As inbound marketers, this could be a game-changer to those who advertise on Instagram. As an image-focused social media site, it can be difficult to promote events via the platform. As with anything posted to an Instagram story, you can see how many people have seen the post. Now, with invitational stickers, you’ll be able to see just how many of your consumers have actively engaged with the event. Another win for B2C marketers.

Much like the Facebook ads test, the latest news is that this feature will launch at some point in 2020. Event marketers will surely rejoice at this news.


Facebook Search Ads Go Live.

We return to Facebook for our last piece of social media news.

After almost an entire year of testing, Facebook are finally launching search ads for all advertisers. But how do they work?

Much like Google ads, they will appear when appropriate terms are searched. If a user searches ‘computer repairs’ into the Facebook search bar, relevant advertisements will appear in the results. The advertiser’s people=based targeting options are the main factor in relation to which ads will show. With regards to keywords, this will be chosen by Facebook and will show what they deem to be the most relevant to the search. However, this will also take into account ad text, category, description, and more.

For marketers, this news will be both positive and negative. Being able to advertise where consumers are searching will always be positive. However, the lack of ability to target keywords will surely frustrate some.

Testing began last December and was initially only available on mobile devices. However, as 2019 comes to a close, it looks as though advertisers will be able to get their hands on this feature in 2020.


Bitesize News:

  • Snapchat launches dynamic ad beta. This allows advertisers to create real-time and optimised ads. As price or availability changes, so does the advertisement. Available in the US only as of 2019, with larger availability going into 2020.
  • LinkedIn creates new Events feature. Similar to Facebook events, this new feature will allow users to search for these events via industry, company, and location.
  • Mac users can now enjoy the new Twitter App. Available on macOS Catalina.
  • Twitter are testing emoji message replies for direct messages. This will allow users to respond to specific messages with single emojis.
  • Pinterest are also testing emoji responses, this time for video responses on the platform.
  • YouTube are testing a brand-new feature allowing advertisers to reserve ad space months in advance.
  • Instagram are looking into the availability of direct messaging on its web app – something users have been crying out for.


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