The Benefits of Social Media: 15 Reasons Why You Need to Be Making the Most of Social Networking.


The Benefits of Social Media: 15 Reasons Why You Need to Be Making the Most of Social Networking.

The Benefits of Social Media: 15 Reasons Why You Need to Be Making the Most of Social Networking.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


Social media is pretty unavoidable these days. However, many small businesses still aren’t using the platforms to their full advantage. There are many benefits to social media that you’d be silly not to embrace the platforms with full force. Here we’ve listed the top 15 benefits to social networking and why you need to be on it.


1. People Buy from People.

In the rise of AI and marketing automation, human internet users want to believe there is a human at the end of the line. They want to see a human side to your company and feel like they are doing business with a real person. Social media is a fantastic way to put a human face onto your company.


2. Become a Thought Leader.

You started your company because you have a fantastic knowledge of your niche. So, show it through your social media. Become an influence in your industry by teaching and giving value. Share educational content, comment on trends and help those who are starting their career. Make a name for yourself, and people will turn to you as a valuable source of information. This will turn into money in the long run.


3. Competition.

Your competition will be on social media. Also, they will be targeting your customers. By staking your claim and showing your unique selling point, you can win over your clients – and theirs.


4. Trust.

Would you give your hard earned cash to a stranger you met on the street? So why is online any different? Many Gen X and Y’s will check the social media platforms of a company to see if they are real. If a company has inactive accounts, this could be a major red flag. If you don’t have time to post on your accounts, you may need a social media management agency to do it for you.


5. Reputation.

Building trust with potential clients is a vital step in the buying process. Social media is a great way to find and solve complaints before they become an issue. It’s also a great way to promote your services through testimonials and reviews. Encourage your customers to leave honest and open reviews on your social media page. While this may leave you open to a few bad reviews, you will show that you appreciate and learn from all reviews.


6. Loyalty.

Reward your biggest fans and turn them into brand evangelists. By giving back to your biggest fans, you know they will always promote you to your friends and family.


7. Powerful Adverts.

People tend to talk about themselves a lot on social media, which is lucky for advertisers. Social networks use these insights to help create targeted advert campaigns. You can target a range of demographics, and target your marketing campaigns via someones:

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Relationship Status.
  • Location.
  • Religion.
  • Interests They Have.
  • Brands they follow.


8. Reach New People.

There are around 2.2 billion people on Facebook. Around 70% of internet users have at least one social media account ( All these people are connected. If a fan of yours spots something their friend might like, they will tag them in it. This opens your brand up to a whole new collection of people.

One of the best benefits of social media is that you can reach out to those asking for help. Perhaps turning a confused stranger into a loyal customer. Many social networks allow you to search by keywords, meaning you can help those who haven’t heard of you yet.


9. Worldwide Reach.

Social media is global. If your company can offer services on a worldwide scale, then social media is the cheapest way to reach around the globe. You can set specific adverts to target specific countries or languages, all from thousands of miles away.


10. Local Reach.

However, it’s not just worldwide users. You have very powerful local tools to add to your bow too.

Most social media platforms offer location targeting through adverts. Most networks will have very active local communities who use hashtags and groups. Interact in these local communities and become well-known around the area. You’ll find it much easier to draw these people into your business when they know your face and name.


11. Engage with Real Customers.

Your brand can have conversations with actual people and you can connect in a way most marketing platforms can’t. Treat your social media like a party – engage, be funny and try not to launch into a sales pitch immediately.

The best way to sell is not to sell anything at all. Open up honest conversations with people. Naturally, steer the conversation to find out their struggles and pain points. Then, once you truly understand them, and they trust you, you can suggest products to help. This tactic works brilliantly on social media.


12. Customer Service.

Most customers these days will go to social media to complain. With social media, you can jump straight into the conversation and track their responses. You need to be quick, as most social media posters expect an answer within an hour. It’s a great way to prove you’re always willing to help your customers.


13. Customer Research.

Social media is a fantastic way to research your customer persona. You can see first hand the language they use, the pages they follow, the people they admire. You can find out a considerable amount from researching your audience online. You can use this research to better target your business to the main group of people who buy from you.


14. Re-Targeting.

Ever felt like you’re being followed around by advertising after visiting a website? Well, that’s because you are. Social media have fantastic re-targeting tool. If a person visits your website, you can display your adverts in their social media stream. These ads have an incredible conversion rate and work incredibly well.


15. Stay Top of Mind.

If you are always in the social media feed of your followers, when they need your service or products, you’ll be the first person they think to contact. Keep posting and keep engaging with your audience. Make sure your audience remember you and see your posts with some boosted posts.


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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