The Pros and Cons of Facebook for Business.

pros and cons of facebook

The Pros and Cons of Facebook for Business.

The Pros and Cons of Facebook for Business.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


Facebook seems to be the go-to social media platform. And for good reason. Facebook is the most popular social media site in the world. If you’re wondering whether to use Facebook for business promotions, then check out this list.


The Pros of Facebook.


1. There Are 2 Billion Users on Facebook.

Pretty much everyone has a Facebook page these days. Every single one of these is a potential customer (or is at least connected to one). Who wouldn’t want the potential to reach two-sevenths of the entire world?


2. Easy to Find Information.

Facebook pages have a wealth of information on them – including opening hours, company history, reviews, awards. Everything a customer needs to know.


3. Device Friendly.

Most of its users have the Facebook app installed on their phones or tablets. They can search your business’s Facebook page while they are out and about. With advert targeting, you can also target people who are in that area. This is perfect if you are an event, or bricks and mortar company. You can easily draw people to a physical location.


4. Easy Customer Service System.

Facebook puts an emphasis on customer service. When you go onto a brand page, the first thing you see is a private message box. Facebook’s inbox system makes it easy to tag up messages and communicate with customers.


5. In-Depth Analytics.

Facebook has some very robust analytics that helps you to understand your campaigns. With great insight into likes, traffic sources and engagement rates, it’s almost as robust as Google Analytics.


6. Highly Targeted Adverts.

Facebook’s targeting is second to none. The ability to target by demographics and interests is unmatched by any other advert platform. Also, Facebook has levelled the playing field slightly. The cost-per-click is lower. Plus, you aren’t fighting with bigger companies for space.

While PPC helps at a later stage in the buyer’s journey, Facebook is fantastic for the Awareness and Research stages of buying.


7. Local.

Facebook has some great local tools to help you with marketing physical locations. The events, jobs and search functions all take location into account. It’s easy for people in your area to find your advert.


8. Shop Functions.

The Facebook shop tool is a nifty and underused feature. You can upload products and services to your Shop feature to tag onto your product statuses. It’s an easy way to show exactly which products or services are in a picture without having to link to each one in the status text. It’s also a great way to subtly promote products on a post that isn’t promotional.


Cons of Facebook.


1. Engagement Is Low.

If you use Facebook for business, you will know how low engagement and impressions are. It’s tough to be seen in the timeline, but an empty page looks unprofessional. It’s hard to win.


2. Facebook Is Pay-To-Play.

Want to win at Facebook? You’re going to need money. While the ROI is good for the most part, pouring the money into it when you don’t know what you’re doing is daunting. Getting results is possible, but it’s through a lot of trial and error.


3. Reputation Management Is Key.

If you’ve read up on the Amy’s Bakery Facebook saga, then you’ll understand why this is important.

Facebook is a platform for complaints. It’s people’s first port of call if they are annoyed. Irate customers could enlist their friends to ruin your reputation by leaving bad reviews. Having a reputation management strategy a PR manager and a team of well-trained customer service staff will save your bacon, but implementing that on a just-in-case basis is expensive.

Need a helping hand with your social media accounts? Let us know. We have lots of social media packages to help you grow your channels.


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