The Pros and Cons of Twitter for Business.

pros and cons of twitter

The Pros and Cons of Twitter for Business.

The Pros and Cons of Twitter for Business.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


The microblogging site is an often overlooked business tool. While it might not be for every brand, Twitter does have a powerful, though specific, set of skills. Let’s dig into the Pros and Cons of Twitter for Business to see if it’s right for you and your brand.


The Pros of Twitter for Business.

No Algorithm.

Twitter’s news feed is real-time and in chronological order. Unlike Facebook, this means that everyone looking at their news feed will have your tweet visible to them. Even search has a “latest” function that is helpful for finding real-time messages about your brand.

Wide Reach.

Any tweet you put out can be found (as long as your profile is set to public). Meaning anyone who is searching for a particular topic can find you. As long as you write with Keywords in mind, your post will pop up. Using the Hashtag function can help improve this more.

Higher Chance of Going Viral.

From the very beginning of Twitter, users shared posts they liked by “Retweeting” them. Sharing other people’s became part of the nature of the site, far more than any other social network.

When a user retweets something, their followers see it. As they should be a group of like-minded people, they are more likely to retweet that too. This helps grow your impressions and reach.

Likes work in a similar way. If a person likes your tweet, there is a good chance it shows up in the timeline of followers with similar interests. The more likes and retweets a post gets the more likely those users are to follow you and become active followers. A client had their follower count jump by over 50% after a tweet we posted went viral.

Great Analytics.

Twitter’s analytics system is incredibly useful. It has a great dashboard with visualisations of the data, but you can also download a CSV.

Compared to most social networks, this data is actually useful if you know how to use it. A few formulas here and there can turn this data into a helpful guide to improve your channel.

Easy to Automate.

There are a plethora of sites that help you thoroughly or partially automate Twitter. There are social media schedulers, smart robot scripts to social listening tools. Plus due to the nature of Twitter, you can repost the same tweet several times throughout the month.

Twitter’s API is pretty open, so there are tons of tools that allow you to find brand mentions or conversations worth joining.


The Cons of Twitter for Business.

Users Follow Tons of Accounts.

The most prolific Twitter users will follow hundreds, if not thousands of accounts. While Twitter is chronological, it means most users will only scroll back through the last 200-500 tweets, which might only be last 10 minutes for some users.

Extremely Content Heavy.

Twitter is one of the most content hungry social networks. Users want to be entertained and informed on Twitter, so are more likely to read blog posts and engage with gifs. You will need a lot of blog posts to make it work.

Because many users only see up to an hours worth of content, you need to be posting regularly. Posting fantastic content up to 24 times a day is hard work. You need to be churning out brilliant content at an impressive rate. Plus writing stand-alone Tweets can be hard when you’re just not feeling it.

Big Bot/Spam Problem.

Many of your followers won’t exist. And often your followers may drop dramatically on one day. This is because Twitter has a bot problem it is struggling to control.
Recently, Twitter had the “big purge” which got rid of millions of inactive accounts or bots with erratic behaviour. The official Twitter account lost around 7 million (12%) of its followers. Any big drops in followers are probably twitter purging bot accounts. But this is a good thing. Promise!

Time Consuming.

Unless you have the luxury of a social media management agency or a scheduler with an automated content library, you have a lot of scheduling to do.
Coming up with constant content all the time can be tough and draining. You need to be posting very frequently to win on Twitter, but that could relate to hours of research, analysis and content creation/curation.

Not for all Niches.

Having worked across a variety of niches, there are some industries which definitely don’t work on the platform. Fashion, food and other visual brands will struggle to gain traction. However, if you have a lot of helpful content and a funny tone of voice, then you could break that tradition.


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