11 Tips for Improving Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn.


11 Tips for Improving Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn.

11 Tips for Improving Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn.


From YMG – The Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency in Chelmsford, Essex.


No matter what profession you deal in, your personal brand is essential to your business. Having a professional appearance on social media is vital. Every potential client will search your name online – either through curiosity or to see if you are authentic. LinkedIn is a fantastic way to build your personal brand and improve your business.


Why Do I Need a Personal Brand?

People buy from people. Building your personal brand alongside your company brand will help show the human side of your company. A strong personal brand will help you develop relationships with clients and new leads alike, all while looking professional.
Personal branding also helps with your Search Engine Optimisation. Chances are that sales leads are going to Google you. Sites like LinkedIn rank well on search engines, meaning they will most likely be on the first page. Some LinkedIn results rank above personal websites in most cases.


Top Tips for Improving Your Personal Brand on Linkedin.


1. Add Meaningful Connections.

While it may be tempting to add everyone you talk to on LinkedIn, it can pay to be selective. Having 500+ connections is great but, unless you are a dedicated LinkedIn power user, it can be difficult to leverage the power of all your connections. If you are new to LinkedIn, choose your connections wisely, and build up from there.


2. Add a Professional Looking Picture.

First impressions are a powerful tool. The first thing a user will see is your profile picture. A Snapchat selfie might be your favourite photo, but that’s not going to work well on LinkedIn. Your profile picture needs to be high resolution (not pixelated or blurry) and not be too cluttered. Looking at the camera is recommended, but it’s not essential. This is your personal brand, your photo needs to reflect you in the most honest way possible.

If you don’t have a nice photo to use, grab a decent quality camera and your best work outfit and spend an hour or so snapping away. Alternatively, most professional photographers have headshot packages that are relatively cheap.


3. Consider Your Keywords.

Think about the keywords that are relevant to your business or industry. What do you want to be found for?. As well as a social network, LinkedIn is also a search engine for business professionals. Many potential clients will search by industry keywords so use them throughout your profile.


4. Complete Your Profile as Much as Possible.

Nearly every box on LinkedIn is a ranking factor for its internal search. Complete every box it provides with as much information as possible. It’s important not to exaggerate or undersell yourself though. You don’t want to be found for things you have no experience in.


5. Write a Compelling Summary.

The summery box is the elevator pitch for yourself. It gives the person viewing your portfolio a quick overview about who you are and why they buy from you. Remember, this summery is about you as a person – so write it about your skills, ethics and mentality in relation to your business. Don’t just write about what your company does as it can be confusing to new visitors.


6. Network, Network, Network!

LinkedIn is a social network – so you need to be social, and you need to network. Comment, like and share updates that your connections share. Head into LinkedIn groups and meet new people who will be useful contacts. However, don’t just go in and start selling. Just get to know people and add value to the groups. People will soon get to know you and add you as a connection. Your status updates should be doing the ‘selling’.


7. Don’t Just Post Adverts.

You wouldn’t turn up at a party and immediately start demanding people to buy your product. You shouldn’t do it online either. All social media strategies play the long game. Post out company updates, personal triumphs, employee spotlights, and industry news. This will make your selling posts a lot more welcome and engaging.


8. Be Subtle with Your Sales Posts.

You don’t want to throw your products in everyone’s face. Show the benefits of your products. Publicly thank people for testimonials. Show your products in action in an exciting or funny way.
For example, Blendtec created a video series called “Will it blend?”. The series showed the company founder sticking weird and wonderful things into his blenders – from bricks to the latest iPhone. At first glance, it may seem silly, but it’s showing how powerful the blender is without really mentioning it.
Find clever and different ways to promote your product (we’re not necessarily recommending you blend them, though).


9. Be Analytical.

Keep track of your results. Take into account likes, shares, and impressions where possible. See if you can find patterns between the posts that work, and do not work. Also keep a count of the improvements in your postings, as little wins make a bit difference.


10. Give Value.

Don’t be afraid to be helpful. Suggest ways that your clients can improve their business with your product. If you are a wholesaler, show the different ways other companies present your products. If you sell mortgages, create infographics and guides to how buying and selling homes works. By creating value around your personal brand, you position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. People will turn to you for advice. You build trust with your audience. People buy from people they trust.


11. Use Video.

Video on LinkedIn is in its infancy. If you jump on it, you will stand out. Showing your face on camera adds transparency to your personal brand (it shows you are real). It also gives you a platform to show you know your stuff. Be candid and informative. Try to be natural and not sound too scripted.


YMG are an award-winning and full-service digital marketing agency based in Chelmsford, Essex, and home of the Jargon Buster series, helping business owners to understand the technical terms of digital marketing.

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